Social Media Best Practices: When to Post?

With social media, timing can be everything. You can research the best times to post content on social media and find many articles and blog posts on this topic. However, it is hard to pinpoint the exact times and days to post content for your business. It depends on the industry and what you are trying to carry out through social media. I did a little research of my own to try to figure out common times and days to post on social media. I looked at multiple sources and compared times and days recommended by industry experts. I will cover the main social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. So here is what I found.

For Facebook, it is recommended to post on weekdays between the times of 6am to 8am and 1pm to 4pm. People will check their mobile devices early in the morning right before they leave for work or right before they begin the workday. By posting between 6am and 8am, your post is more likely to be seen by your followers who are getting their morning Facebook fix before they begin work. It is also good to post between 1pm and 4pm as this is roughly around the time that people are returning from lunch and are checking social media. The worst days to post for your business is on the weekends, because followers are more likely enjoying the weekend and are not scanning through social media.

Best Time to Post on Facebook: Weekdays (6am-8am & 1pm-4pm)

Twitter is unique in the sense that it is a social platform that you can basically post every day of the week. Like Facebook, tweets have the most success between the times of 1pm and 3pm, as followers are returning from lunch or checking their social media during their lunch break. Since it is okay to tweet every day of the week, be sure to avoid tweeting late at night and in the early hours of the morning.

Best Time to Post on Twitter: Everyday (1pm-3pm)

Google+ is one of the up-and-coming social platforms that many predict will surpass Facebook. Google+ is similar to Facebook when it comes to posting where weekdays are the best days to post. From my research, I have found that most experts recommend posting on Google+ between the times of 9am and 11am. I do recommend using this tool called Timing+, which links to your Google+ account and recommends the best times to post based on your engagement metrics.

Best Time to Post on Google+: Weekdays (9am-11am)

Pinterest is a very useful social media platform for businesses with visual content. For Pinterest, Saturday is the best day to post content. Experts say that 2pm to 4pm and 8pm to 1am are the best times to post content to Pinterest.

 Best Time to Post on Pinterest: Saturday (2pm-4pm & 8pm-1am)

Last but certainly not least, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more known as a professional networking site more than a social media site. However, businesses can certainly use LinkedIn in their social media marketing strategies. Experts recommend posting content on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between the times of 7am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm. The reason is followers will check their social media right before work or right after work.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn: Tuesday-Thursday (7am-9am & 5pm-6pm)

All in all, these are the days and times that are recommended by experts. Of course, these days and times may not be ideal for every business. This is where you need to use social media monitoring tools to analyze your following and understand how your following engages with your brand on certain days during certain times. These recommendations are simple guidelines that are common among the social media world to help beginners get started. Once you have tested the waters, begin monitoring and analyzing your profiles to find the ideal times to post for your business.



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